Narrow front mount (custom design)

After installing my seat mover I was afraid of my legs touching the aluminium plate that I was using for my standard Simucube mount (I seat quite close to my steering wheel). So I thought I could replace it with a front mount. The problem with front mounts is that my cockpit doesn’t have a standard width so it’s not compatible with most of them. Some models can be adjusted to fit any width and that could be a solution. However, another problem I saw was that any front mount would interfere with my Prosim sequential shifter, which is quite high, right by the steering wheel.

That’s why I thought of a custom solution. I designed a front mount made in 10 mm aluminium that is narrow and doesn’t clamp to the side columns, but to the front profile. Apart from using 8 brackets, I designed it with two claws on the back to grasp to the profile. They are too far away from my thighs, so no problem there. The front plate is attached to the sides with 4 brackets, but also with 4 clips on the top and the bottom which fit inside 4 rectangular holes on the corners of the front plate. I’ve been using for many months now and it’s extremely strong. The only drawback is that the angle is fixed, but, since I knew exactly how I want it, it’s not a problem for me.

These are images of the design.

If you want to see photos of the finished result, take a look at my rig here. If you need PDF plans, click here.


Thanks for the very informative post. I’m very impressed and do like your idea aswell as the outcome. Truly amazing!!

I also needed a narrow SC2 front mount and made a 10mm thick piece of stainless steel (laser cut and bend) but wanted to keep the angle adjustable There are 3 heights of mounting. So here’s mine:

(3 bolts protruding from the profile are “virtual”)

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That’s a very clever idea.

This NJMotion seatmover is a treat, right? I just love it ^^

Very happy with it here too. It’s so easy and versatile to install and use! The feedback I got from it is just right and I have not had any problems at all since I purchased it. The experience together with shakers and VR is excellent.

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