My simucube2 pro has defect

I bought Simcube2 pro at Simracingbay
That arrived my home and i set up that
I connected all cable and computer than it is available
I confirmed that simcube2 pro can be turn on
and removed all cable
a few later reconnecet power cable, so connector been flash and can’t turn on
I want know why this happend
So disassembled simucube2 and know why this happed

see the picture, mainboard conncting is not very well
because it is not fix with hex bolt

1.When disconnect power connector, unfixed mainboard is pulled and inner pin is escaped
2.Reconnect power connector ,maindboard not seat
3.So simucube2 can’t turn on

this is surely poor assembly

Fortunately i found other spare bolt that i had
i fix it and simcube2 can be turn on
It is disappointing


Yes? And you…

temporary saved post
i edit post so retry read this

Be careful when conecting power supply to SC2 base:
1-PSU to SC2
2-PSU to power socket

It seems they have missed the 3 screws to secure the front pcb to the standoffs. Just use 3x M3 5 or 6mm screws.

Hopefully Tommi sees this and have a chat to the assembly crew.


What is the serial number of the unit?

Where can i find that?

Its on a sticker at the back plate.

00002282 is serial number

Thanks for the serial number. Of course all assembly issues are unacceptable to us as well. With the serial number, we can likely trace when the unit was assembled, which helps to improve quality.