My simucube stopped working

Just moved my rig to the basement, and when powering up my pc and simucube the phasing is starting just like normal. But i dont see any movement in the simucube program. Either in windows controller, no reaction on the axis. It did work before i moved down under. Please help!
Small mige 480w

Make sure USB cable is connected to the correct port on the back of the Simucube. Also, move the cable between different ports on the back of your pc.

Another thing to check, is that encoder cable is seated properly on both the servo and on the Simucube. Seems something is not properly connected :wink:

I will check that again. Thanks

Problem solved… I did connect the cabel to the wrong serialport​:pray::pray::pray:

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Yep, what I suspected. You’re welcome :slight_smile: