My simucube pro 2 refuses to power on!

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I have a question regarding simucube pro 2regarding it suddenly failing to power up.

My hardware configuration:
-(skytech computer)
-simucube pro 2l)
-(drive firmware version)
-(other details)

Problems arise when: When I tty and turn it on, i push the power buttom on and nothing happen, no beeping sound, no lights flickering on plug. IT did this last night, I unplugged everything waited like an hour, plugged everything back in and it powered up perfectly and worked. Shut computer down, start it up today and nothing again. I did nothice when i pushed the motor button in back my power brick was blinking green on and off not sure if that is normal or not? I need help

How it behaves:
-(describe system behavior)

How I would expect it to behave:

I have attached following files:
-(consider adding saved Granity configuration file .drc)

I also would like to share that (additional info).

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If the Led on the power supply is not constantly illuminated, then it might be a faulty PSU. Please make an official support ticket.

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@Jcolumbia12 did you ever get a resolution to this? If so can you let me know what it was?