My Simucube 2 wishes

I like the SC2 Pro.
But I could like it even more.

  • Place the antenna where it belongs - at the wheel side of the SC2.
    You won’t hear from the users where the present antenna location poses no problems - but you will loudly hear from the ones that run into problems.

  • Place the LED where it can be seen while gaming.
    An LED buried in the dark depths of the racing rig, pointing away from the user serves no greater purpose. But make it dimmable to zero, so it won’t become a disturbance.

  • Think about a display and some basic controls, like four buttons.
    Just to be able to change a few settings in-game, like changing the game profile, overall strenght or parameters of one’s choice. This would be a great help, especially if using VR, with no direct access to your regular screens.

  • Provide a powered USB hub at the backplate.
    With most configurations, there’s quite some USB cables running to the PC. In my case, it’s SC2, shifter, pedals and steering wheel, all cables taking different routes to my PC’s USB hub, making quite some entanglement. One single USB cable would be quite a relief.

  • Alternative: Possible to convert that 15-pin connector at the backplate into an USB hub? I know there’s analog inputs - but also some more undocumented pins.

  • Implement an option for automatically switching the game profile to the game actually played.
    It’s quite a hassle switching profiles in-game, especially when using VR. Sure, there’s virtual desktops. But that means finding the VR controller, switching it on, waiting till it’s working, display a desktop - and finding out the game itself overlays the TD window, so you can’t get to it. End of game, I need to unfold from my racing chair - which is quite a Challenge - in the truest sense of the word.
    In addition, clicking buttons or sliders using virtual desktops often doesn’t work - or the game loses focus, won’t react on your gaming hardware inputs anymore.
    Thus auto-switching the game profiles wouldn’t be a bad idea. Of couse there should be an option to switch that feature on and off.

  • Provide a QR adapter with wireless capabilites for using third-party rims directly with the SC2.
    Personally, I use a BMW GT2 rim from “F”: Price and feel are okay, lots of buttons - plus two joysticks, one analog, one digital, everything you need. But making it work with my SC2 Pro had been a real pain in the you-know-where. I used one of Simon’s conversion kits, which works great. But it took more than two hours to make it work. And still there’s that dangling spiral cable, always causing a bad feeling.
    I went that way. But others won’t, would just take the F-route for getting everything working at once.
    And let’s face it: The present portfolio of SC compatible wireless rims is meager, prices are unmannerly high. I already paid twice to thrice the price of a used real car for the SC2 Pro - I am not willing to pay the price of another one or two used real cars just for the rim. And I won’t walk alone with that idea.
    Thus such a kind of adapter would boost your sales noticeably.
    I don’t know if there would be issues with patents or other intellectual property stuff. But if there’s no such issues, that would be the way to go.
    Don’t forget support for analog inputs and rumble outputs - I didn’t expect it, but found that rumble feature of the BMW GT2 rim a real gain for immersion.
    Power supply via standard AA or AAA batteries/rechargeable batteries (needed for rumble/analog support) or CR2032, no special fixed LiIon batteries. We know that small LiIon batteries die within a very short time, we don’t wish to buy the same hardware year after year again.

That’s it for now. I hereby threaten to update this list if anything more leaps into my mind. :wink:


the wireless connection for Fanatec wheels is a proprietary technology of Fanatec, making an “adapter” would literally mean steal to take advantage of such technology. also, it works through pins, therefore any “adapter” would mean a carbon copy of the Fanatec hw. there is a reason why SRM exists.

You have good ideas for sure.

We couldn’t customize this for the Ultimate motor, and thus the same design with the antenna at the back was also used for other models as well. The antenna works very well at the back, so there is no need to further customize and raise the price of the product at this point.

The power led does not have very useful information while gaming. The design for Simucube 2 Sport/Pro R2 is more elegant; the led lights up the white power connector.

This is a good product idea, and we have thought of this. However, there are good DDU solutions on the market already.

Would need a rather beefy 5V regulator (with cooling solution) for it, and internal USB hub to run things. A failure point for sure, components alone would raise the price too much.

Not possible without a separate USB power supply.

We are thinking about this; will be investigated again after the ongoing rewrite of the profile management system.

Cannot be easily done, and even if it was possible, I would guess the 3rd-party would come after us. Also, the electronics in those 3rd-party F wheels are rather power hungry - AA or AAA batteries would not last for long.

Implement an API/Plug-in into TD that allow you to externally control certain (all useful??) settings, or at least switch between profiles. You would open an world of possible interaction with other applications for the likes of any simracer. Or, implement this interaction directly into TD by allowing action keys assignment / Key mapping (keyb, button box, wheel buttons, etc…).

One of the features I miss most in this ecosystem.


Two things wish having

  • Switching game profiles automatically /Auto detect
  • More features/functions to TD for “wireless” button box/plate to support a rev. limiter / small display and more than 28 inputs?
    (Totally aware that there’re DDU solutions out there but they might not suitable for all wheels sizes & shapes, monitor setups…etc plus it adds to the cost).

What is DDU, Display Driver Uninstaller?

DDU: Data/dashboard display unit