My simucube 2 pro turns it back on alone

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my simucube 2 pro, when I turn off my steering wheel, (by pressing the on / off button behind the base) the steering wheel turns off correctly, and after 5 minutes it turns on alone … even with the button on … has anyone ever had this kind of problem?

Do you have the square Estop button or the hex one with the power switch?

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Hello i have the square Estop button

Try unplugging it (the estop) and then plugging it in again.

If that doesn’t help, open a ticket with Granite, the hex estop has a power switch, so we know the connector for the estop has wiring for that, maybe your box is miswired, or maybe there’s a short somewhere.

Thanks a lot for your answers, I have already tried to unplug and plug in again, I will open a warranty ticket

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