My PC won’t boot when SC 2 Pro is on

It hangs on motherboard Gigabyte Z77P-D3] splash screen during BIOS boot sequence.
I saw few people had similar problem with Simucube 1, but haven’t found good solution. It happens also when torque off button is pressed.
Obvious workaround is to switch it on after Windows starts loading.
I guess there are no downsides to this? Is this recommenced solution?
I tried different USB ports, but it didn’t work.

Perhaps some BIOS settings should be changed?

We have investigated this issue. It seems to happen on only some motherboards and is maybe more frequent in some Intel z77 based chipsets from 2012-2015 period.

Can someone confirm that this happens also on some more modern motherboards?

It’s possible this is one of few models that have some outdated USB handling during boot, because some USB game controllers caused about 20 second motherboard splash screen wait (instead of 5 seconds) before OS boot. I finally managed to fix it by switching some USB ports.
Unfortunately with this problem it didn’t work.
But it’s not a big deal to switch the wheelbase on after BIOS boot sequence.
I had another issue with circuit breaker tripping (it’s unfortunately only 10A) when I switch on my power strip with both power supplies plugged in.
I was aware this problem may occur with older electrical installations. So I switch on power strip with only one power supply and the plug in second one.
Edit: I will create another topic to ask which inrush current limiter is recommended for 10A limited circuits or perhaps reply in the existing thread.

In my case switching off the wheelbase doesn’t make boot process continue. I also can’t enter BIOS setup. In such case I can only use PC’s reset button. I just thought it might help.
Again it’s minor issue and if it only happens to rare motherboard models, then I guess it’s not worth spending much time on this.

I had this issue on my system, USB related, if I pulled all the USBs out and rebooted (and I mean ALL) the PC would boot fine, plug them all back in and reconfigure all my Com ports and buttons. This was random and inconsistent.

After I purchased a dedicated USB card with 4 independent controllers… no problem anymore.

Has anyone with this issue tried plugging the SC into a powered USB hub? If that makes it boot then it’s perhaps a power issue.

I have a ASRock z77extreme4, and pc does not boot if the simucube2 motor is powered on BEFORE i boot/reboot the computer.