My antenna keeps coming loose and the wireless connection keeps dropping when it does

I’ve tried to resolve this myself multiple times.
I manage to get it tightened for a while, but after a day or two, it comes loose again.
When it’s loose, the wireless connection is very poor, and my wheel cannot be detected anymore/disconnects mid race.

I have a video, but the forum doesn’t support video. I don’t want to publish it publicly. What should I do?

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Make the video unlisted on Youtube and post the link to the video.

A drop (and I mean a drop) of blue threadlock would fix it.


I don’t think so. The nut on the inside of the rear plate is the one that’s loosening. And I don’t want to open it up to do that.

Don’t continue to tighten the nut from the outside. You’ll twist the cable on the inside.

That would be a warranty issue then, I would be in direct contact with Your Supplier to get it resolved, Presuming you had it from new.

Alternatively there’s no warranty seal to break, So it would be a five minute job to pop the back off and tighten it.

I dont have a wireless wheel, but the antenna is installed. Last weekend I rebuild my rig and saw that the antenna connection on the rear is loose. Not the antenna itself.
What is the best solution? When I have to return the Simucube to the supplier I cant race for some weeks. The supplier is not in my country.

There is a procedure to tighten the antenna connector, but it requires to have a wrench holding the connector in place inside the device.

Turning the connector too much from the outside will break the internal cable!

Can you pm me the procedure? Thank you

So I managed to fix this myself, although I had to use my own bluetooth cable. Why can’t you guys use locking nuts or loctite for the antenna cable? Even trying to get the antenna slightly tight will cause the cable to come loose. Antenna cables on cheap PC’s have survived stronger torque than this.

For those of you with this issue, the solution is to remove the rear plate, put an adjustable wrench on the rear nut of the antenna cable and then tighten the nut on the outside of the plate.


If you don’t want to open the casing up, a bit of hot glue around the base of the thread should do the trick.

Ya. Wish I’d read this before mine broke inside :frowning:

Can you fix the cable if you accidentally break the cable from inside

Yes, the cable is a replaceable part, and we even have instructions on how to replace it in our website support section. Separate instruction for each Simucube 2 model.

Do you mind if u can give me a link to the intructions?

Ya so apparently my wifi screws went inside the motherboard, making it unable for mr to plug in my attenas, anyone know a fix?

There are DIY instructions to check the status of the antenna connector and to analyze if you need replacement connector. support section.

If the internal cable is broken, write to our support for replacement.