MPI wheel for simucube 2 pro

Hi all. I am thinking of getting the SC2 pro. I am mainly an oval racer. I want to get an MPI rim to use. Just wondering if I would have to have a button panel or if there is a way to just use the MPI wheel without needing any device to connect to the SC2 pro.

button box is not required.

If you wish to use an actual OVAL rim you would need an adaptor to go from the 70mm PCD to the Oval 3 x (I think 2.25"). otherwise you should be able to use the wheel without issue.

At Penguin r/c ( we have been working on an oval box that has this adaptor built in, It is about 80% complete before production… If you would like more info you can contact me at

otherwise there are I believe a very few companies out there that make these adaptors.

Pick up one of these and some bolts and you’re all set.