Mounting the standard torque off button (e-stop)

Hi guys - I was wondering how I can mount the torque off button on a 40x40 profile?

There are 2 x holes in the back but they are not threaded?

Sorry for the terrible picture; and sorry if question is silly.


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You need to open up the case and mount from inside out.
Just be careful coz the wires are connected to the button in the lid, so let it just hang while mounting.


:anguished: this won’t end up in tears at all; had I known I would have gone premium.

I’ll give it a try tomorrow…

Punch that precut circle!
Use a screwdriver

I have done it twice, SC1 & SC2. Not a big deal at all… :wink:


thanks Herve! I was looking for a more perm solution; I opened it today and realised there is a very little in it.

I’ll goto the local hardware store and use M6 bolts and drill two holes to secure from inside and then put the cover on.



I removed two of the internal nuts by threading a bolt in them and pulling them out, then I used those holes to run screws through to the anchors in the frame.


I used a bracket plate and drilled holes using a template. The plate is 3mm thick aluminium so it’s very secure and there is no flexing. I’ve placed it bottom of TR1 chassis so I can use my feet to use emergency stop.


Another option in your have acesss to 3d printer

E stop

I mounted in original holes just used the shifter mount and the vertical :slight_smile:

This should not be difficult at all mate, you need to be careful obviously and it takes a little time but as shown above there are quite a few ways to mount it. I mounted mine with the diagonal screws to avoid flexing, it looks a bit crooked but I don’t really care :sweat_smile: