Motor spins quickly on startup then goes into overvelocity fault 140403

Recently built simucube system was working fine. I took it apart this weekend as I was taking measurements to design an enclosure, I also opened the back to replace a 3d printed shaft adapter on my encoder with a metal one. When I turned on the simucube system, it started spinning extremely quickly, it snapped my corded usb cable right off. After about 5 seconds it stopped and I found Fault ID: 140403. I cleared the fault and restarted the simucube and it happened again, except it spins for like half a second now. It says to lower FEV in the wiki but I think my issue is that my wheel just starts spinning immediately. What would cause something like this?

Biss-C from mige adapted to fit AKM
FW 1.0.25

You need to recalibrate your encoder to the motor shaft / magnetic angle if you removed it from the shaft. After this it should work as before, without spinning and these mentioned errors.

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Thank you Tommi, that worked