Motor side Quick release

Hi all,
Lately I notice that my steering wheels get in and take out with great ease on the motor wheel base.
Before few time this was done with greater difficulty.
Also made an appearance, a faint noise, as if something was not tight well.
I tried and tightened the 2 small screws on the top of the quick release motor side, but I realized that they only works on how tight the pin is.

I have 2 questions that i believe helps me:

  1. Is there a solution or has it been damaged due to use?
  2. I am desperately looking to buy new ones but can not find anywere, also included the official Simucube store, the motor side quick release.

Also I have try to contact with the Simucube from 15/1/22 but unfortunately until today I have NO any answer…

Many Thanks in Advance!

We have never seen a motor side part to wear in such way that tightening the ball plungers would not have solved the issue.

Which method have you tried to reach us?

Simracing Bay sells the motor side qr, just use the parts you need without the 22mm shaft clamp it comes with.

Please see the attached confirmation email

Many thanks mate for the info.
I also have into my mind this solution, but also Im still try to find first all the “system”, because I dont know the problem and where is it.
For example I dont know if the issue comes from saft clamp.
Again thanks!

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That is a form for the store, and does not reach our support automatically.

We do not have the motor side quick release separately for sale, but we can sell spare part. For wheel side we do not sell just the quick release part as there is the full kit for sale already. I hope our sales people will answer the question as soon as they can.

And yes, one option would be to get the motor side quick release for 22 mm shaft and use the 24mm shaft cone clamp that is in your quick release at the moment.

Thanks for your answer @Mika!
Ill wait.