Motor shaft extremely tight

hi all first time building a dd after I finished uploading mmos firmware the motor shaft is extremely tight also the rotation of the axis is not shown on the windows game control calibration menu . thank you

Some photos could help, however it is obvious that something is causing extra friction in your system.

ok i tried everything in wiki from first now it is loose ,also in test tab for the first click of increment tsp 1 the shaft is moving but after that the following clicks it is not moving


ok i downloaded a motor setting file and now it rotates fully

What hardware do you have?

The hardware is Loni Pro HC ,small mige ,biss encoder,480 w got it from the link in granite wiki

I would try flashing the dfu again.

You have the wrong motor profile drc for sure.
Now your encoder is set for incremental 10k encoder.

If you have access to iRacing there is a thread that has all of the files that you need.

I will see if I can post them here.

What country are you in?

im from india . you are right i was not ablr\e to configure motor so i downloaded from simtech racing and while installing it showed that im copying ioni pro to ioni pro hc

my encoder

After you get the IONI and the motor to work in Granity, please note that MMOS does not support BiSS encoder.

ok i got ioni and motor to work in granity , so will it work on simucube? i bought it to be used in simulator games
ok so i did not install mmos and followed guide for simucube installation and its working now . huge thanks for everyone who helped me . also im still not sure what to configure for my encoder

No worries on the message copying Ioni pro onto HC.

Have fun, Glad to help. :slight_smile:

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