Motor Parameters for Simucube Build to Guide Alternate Motor Selection


I’m considering a DIY Simucube build and am wondering about the feasibility of using other motors. Mostly since the Mige shipping from China is pretty expensive, I wonder if I might have an opportunity to spend that money on something available locally that might be of higher quality, as there seems to be a pretty active surplus market.

What are the specs I should be looking at? What I’m aware of so far is (along with my assumptions/questions):

  • Moment of interia (lower is better, and using the Mige motors as a baseline)
  • Peak torque
  • Static torque (I’m guessing that since we aren’t holding max torque for an extended period of time so as to heat the motor, this isn’t AS important?)
  • Maximum current (the IONI Pro outputs 25A peak 17.7A RMS)
  • Torque coefficient (not sure if this is to be considered during motor selection or is just needed for configuration?)
  • Rated speed (?)
  • Anything else?

The first motor I’ve found is this one:

which I think looks pretty good, but the encoder uses some digital interface called Drive Cliq. Does anyone know anything about that?

Also, the HC-RFS353BK (datasheet here: looks possibly even better.

Generally, any thoughts that might help both with making a choice on this one and being equipped to search more on my own without having to spam the forums with a bunch of bad choices. :slight_smile:

I’m actually an electrical (more electronic though) engineer, but haven’t ever worked with large servo systems before, so if there are any good resources you want to point me at to just go to school on the topic a bit, that’s also appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


I would advise to just spend the $$ and buy the Mige. They have proven to be very good servo motors.

If you use an unknown motor you will have a hard time finding anyone who can help you with settings.

Where are you located?

Thanks. After spending most of the day researching motors and encoders and pinouts and so on, I’m coming to the same conclusion myself.

It also seems that with the Mige and their cables, the system really is pretty close to plug and play (by DIY standards), so that’s awesome. I think I’m going to get some parts ordered this week.

Oh, and I’m in the US (NY).

It seems like the small Mige is the way to go for me. With that in mind, is there any downside, other than the additional EUR20 cost in going with the HC version of the IONI Pro driver just in case I want to try other motors in the future?

Yeah the small Mige with BISS C encoder really is a sweet motor. Over the last 5 years or so we have had very good experience with it.
Other than a few encoders fail I do not think there have been any motors fail.
You do not need the HC for the small Mige, but you might as well go ahead and get it since the price difference is so small. Then like you said if you ever want to play around with higher current motors you are set.
Also go with the meanwell SDR-480-48 power supply from the beginning and you will be set for alot of different motors.

I am in Northern VA just outside of DC. If you would like to send me your email I can share alot of the info you need to build your first control.

Sounds great, thanks a lot. Sent my email in a DM.