Motor fault. encoder fault. initialization fault. Dfuse Demo not seeing DFU device

Struggling big time here. Wheel was working, but was making some strange noises and tightening up, so wiped everything and did a fresh install. Now nothing works. Is there a sequence re powering on the base after IONI setup?

getting a green then orange flashing light on the simucube

This is now much more difficult to debug due to the fresh start. Encoder fault is when the servo drive has settings for the BiSS-C encoder but it is not possible to read the encoder position possibly due to loose wire, or that you don’t have that type of encoder.

Did you load the correct drc for your hardware ?

the OP either loaded outright incorrect DRC file (which was not needed to do anyway) or the encoder issue (loosening cable or failing encoder) was the issue he originally had.

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i managed to get it working, by doing the right sequence with config on the Granity software while Stop button pressed

Simucube_130ST-M15015_2500PPR_reduced_current.drc (8.2 KB) thats the drc i loaded

but now getting the over current error, and in the simucube / ioni box i get 1 short orange flash and 2 longer orange flashes

What’s the overcurrent tolerance on the fault limits tab? It should be at maximum in the current Simucube 1 use case. And the overvoltage limit should be around 1.5V higher than the HV bus voltage on the testing tab.

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yeh, just set that to Maximum and set the max to 9nm and its working well… no dropouts any more and consistent which is great

i’m sure my servo is capable of upto 15nm though so might need to troubleshoot how i can get the settings in the IONI to match the 130ST-M1505 - 15nm, 9.5A, 2.3KW, 220V

It depends on your psu.

You can try this drc : Paramétre MIGE pour configurer ioni But you need set the encoder as you have in the photo you posted

thanks Loukas, i’ll give it a try