Motor/Encoder Question for upcoming Simucube1


my Name is Marc and i´m planning to build my very first DIY direct-drive wheel and seek a bit of information, maybe you can help me out here:

I somehow ended up with a SEM HR115C6-88S Motor + Heidenhain EQN1325 Encoder with EnDat Interface.
After lots of reading, trying to learn about the Servos and DD, i think this should be compatible with the Simucube 1 Board + Ioni PRO (HC) Driver but not 100% sure.

-Is the encoder compatible with the Simucube1+Ioni PRO (HC) and good enough to provide a nice experience ?

Next is the Motor and the PSU needed: could someone please give me a recommendation for a PSU ?
Below you can find the Data-Sheet of the Motor.

I tried to calculate the expected Nm but i´m honestly not sure if i did it correctly, so maybe someone can let me know what i can expect with that Motor.

Will it give me a good experience when doing iracing ? I´m honestly not quite sure, after reading a lot the MIGE sure would´ve been the better choice, but maybe someone can shine some light onto that topic.

Thank you in advance
Cheers Marc

Unless that encoder has secondary sincos outputs, it cannot be used for dd wheel. I had a quick look at the data sheet and it doesn’t seem like it does……

I would recommend getting a small Mige M10010, it will be better and easier.


It is practically impossible to know how much cogging this motor has compared to Mige, without having the motor at hand.

There is no Endat encoder support, as Phillip mentioned. Is there any other encoders selectable for this motor?

Thanks for gettin back to me that quickly Mika and Phillip!

Afaik the Encoder should´ve a secondery sincos Output.
Would this be a usable source ?
I´m aware that this Motor is not as good as the above mentioned M10010 but i got my hands on it for a very cheap price tbh after seeing it in a video of a DIY DD.
I was just hoping to get a decent performance out of it.

If the encoder has a secondary SinCos output, yes, then it can be used, I have used something similar on my one akm65 servo which had a Heidenhain Endat encoder, but with the secondary SinCos output.

Worked very, very well, SinCos signal at 2.1M PPR was wonderfully smooth experience.