Motor compatibility

I have an opportunity to buy a Lenze servo motor and am wondering about it’s capability.

It rated at 650 watts but only 1.5nm of torque. Rated speed is 4050rpm. I assume the rated torque is at the rated speed. Is there a way to estimate the torque it could output using simucube?
It’s 325volts at 1.5amps with a Max rating of 5.9amps.

Exact motor model number would help…

MCS 06I41-8RMP1-A11N-ST5800N-R26U

At work right now but could include image of data plate this evening.


Datasheet seems to be at
(nevermind the geared part in the filename, this also includes the nongeared stuff).

Insufficient time for me to find and calculate this any further today… maybe someone can help? :slight_smile:

The numbers I get off of the Data Sheet Mika provided is that the servo would be Voltage Limited to 4.38Nm at an MMC of 9.68A.