Most compact cockpit / wheel stand / clamp for SC2?

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Ordered a new SC2 but currently don’t have much space at home for a full size 80/20 cockpit. I’ve been thinking about getting a compact cockpit with no seat or maybe a strong wheel stand or desk clamp, that way I can use my chair too :stuck_out_tongue:

Is anyone using the Simucube mounted on a desk or on a very compact strong stand ? I’ve been researching but cannot seem to find any strong compact cockpit without seat around, it’s either full sized cockpits of flimsy wheel stands.

One of the only ones I found was this one

It is a tad expensive though considering that you can get a full sized cockpit for around that price.


Or you could build a wheel stand from 80/20 profile, which is what I have done. It is pretty much the same size as that wheel stand and it would be much stronger.

I basically bought a sim lab gt1 evo, some shorter profile for the base and then I just built it without the seat section. The wheel mount has been swapped for some shorter profile to give a firmer mount.

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I know some WC level drivers have their Simucube 2 wheelbase with a table bracket attached to a piece of plank/plywood, and that piece is in turn attached/removed from their office table with clamps such as this:

Only needs some woodworking to find suitable piece with sufficient thickness in order to make the bolt heads not protrude on the interface between table and wood.

But of course such installation is not the most solid one.

Hmmm this is a tough one. If you dial up the gain on your SC2, you will have enough force exerted in your steering effort to move your chair/seat- especially if it’s on wheels and/or rotates. Similarly, when you are hard on the brakes, not having your body sufficiently anchored, your seat will move impacting both your pedal effort and your steering effort. I would look to a collapsible solution. If you look at Sim-Lab’s TR1 chassis, as an example, you could probably get Richard to source some hardware that would allow you to remove (or fold) the upright portion and then use your TR1-mounted seat as your desk chair. not the cheapest solution, but then neither is an SC2.

I know a couple of guys in the Netherlands use this rubber mat to stop swirling through the room.
Most wheels from office chairs stay nicely inside the big round holes.

I also looked for alternatives to table mount in due course. Because I could not find any finished product. I made one myself. However, you need to do a little metal work here and drill two holes in the front of the table for the recessed nuts.This has worked fine and I can also adjust the steering wheel distance.


This is one i am finishing for a client, folds flat. solid.


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Most likely not stable enough for high torque DD wheel. I would add horizontal supports on the floor.

I double checked the math and everything checks out. Its completely stable with the fanatec. We are probably going to lower the wheel deck about 4 inches which will lower the center of gravity and thus produce even more of a stable postion. Ill mount up some swinging outriggers and see how much rotational force it will hold, you have me tthinking. I sent you an emsil about distribution again by the way.

Driving a SC2 Sport at low level torque (6-10Nm) on a complete alu profile rig (servo, CPU, seat and me) and the SC2 can bend the corners if the rig is not well designed /mounted.

The most importante thing to think about a DD on a rig is that the servo can deliver a good ammount of force in a very short period of time, like going from sustainend 7Nm to 0Nm then 7Nm again during short burst.

Yes this is a nice design as long as you can get the wheel back from the edge of the table in open air

This is true. You need to make sure there is enough space on the steering wheel and your fingers.

Motor alone is 11.1 kg, plus wheel.

That is a great design, specially the folding part. Do we know how much weight on top it could potentially take ?

That looks solid as hell. What kind of material is that table made of ?

Another option I found, if you have a common office chair, is to get wheels with brake included.
Something like

That is a nice solution. The plank would need to be long enough horizontally so you could position the clamps on each end to prevent them getting in the way of your hands.

Try that. From spain.

The table top is a standard 30mm laminate board.