MMOS to Simucube problem

OK so now I have a problem… I’ve already gone through the process to change to Simucube, everything was fine but I keep getting an error saying the the firmware is didnt load properly. But on the advanced tab it says it’s using the latest version…?
Just saw this…
"Due to hardware differences, SimuCUBE firmware is only supported on SimuCUBE builds and will not work on builds based on IoniCUBE or ARGON."
Problem is I bought this from someone and he is not available to ask about the version I have.
Anyone offer some help or advice so I can get back on track (Pardon the pun)

Show a picture of the inside of your controller box, please…is it indeed a Simucube, in which case any version will work on the latest firmware, or is it an IoniCube, in which case it won’t work on any version of the SimuCube FW…but only on MMoS’

As Philiip said if it is not a Sinucube control the software will not work.

If it is a Sinucube control did you install the latest simucube bootloader?

If you are having trouble installing the latest firmware, go into to DFU mode and install the latest bootloader.

An IONICUBE or Argon build would also indicate “Unknown” as hardware version on the Advanced tab even when the configuration tool is connected to the firmware. It would say that IONI firmware update has failed in the Operating Mode status field, though.

I didn’t get an error saying unknown hardware. After going through all the steps, I got messages saying the update was successful. So not sure if there is something else I ned to do.
Looks like I need to go back to MMOS… :disappointed:
Is there instructions somewhere how to do this?

This is far as it goes…