Mmos not working with stm device


Pretty sure it does it worked once for me I might have broken it


Hi Loukas,
It might, but I have not tested for a while now. No need for me to revert back to Argon for any reason, I would also advise guys on it to upgrade to Simucube to get additional benefits new GD FW provides.

It is quite a lot better.



Did you manage to get this sorted?


No, not yet sadly 20 chars


Got the 2nd stm, It did not work. I am thinking it is something with my pc


It seems you did not read my earlier comments, or you chose not to believe them.

No worries, I am out of this one :wink:


I have fixed the problem and now ffb is working the only problem is that steering is inverted on mmos


It could be something in terms of the encoder wiring or it could be that you need a setting like invert direction because of mmos + stm .

How did you manage to fix it ?


I plugged the stm into another pc and download drivers and it magicly worked weird af


That means the first PC the drivers are not there,or maybe a USB stack issue?


I have no clue but my setup hates me lmao now simucube firmware wont work


If you are trying to install Simucube FW on the older IONICube/Discovery setup, it won’t work. It will only work on a Simucube-based motherboard…



Thank you but is there a way I can get a DRC file for my wheel? Or is it the same deal


Someone can export their settings from IONI drive-controller via GRanity GUI, email file to you and then you can import those settings to your IONI drive-controller via Granity, that is ok and how I have done it for ever…

Just make sure you are using same encoder and servo, then those settings on IONI is compatible. But Simucube-specific settings cannot transfer to MMoS/Discovery, naturally…hence you having to use Granity both ends for that purpose…I am sure there are other ways, but to me I have done above way simce first iteration with Argon and later Ioni, it has never failed me.

Of course, my advice would be to learn the means of the different parameters inside the IONI, then it becomes very easy and simple process to make changes as you see fit…to benefit from Friction/Inertia/Damping on MMoS-based setup, you will anyway need to know Granity to be able to change those settings on the IONI…



What servo and encoder do you have for that drc ? What settings do you use atm?


My friend brought me this when he was in China (not that listing he bought the same thing for cheaper)


ok and with what settings it was working up until now ? could you give more info in general ? if you don’t have a granite device what do you need the drc for ?


I do not have a granite device but I want a DRC so I can use simucube firmware idk if I can but most of it worked until motor calibration


SimuCUBE firmware will not work without SimuCUBE hardware. It will start just fine, but there is no method to communicate with the IONI servo drive on SMT32F4 Discovery -based setups, so trying to calibrate / initialize the motor will not work.

This is clearly stated in the firmware installation / user guide with big red letters.


you can’t use simucube tool that’s for sure.

that’s a stepper motor. if you have the same it uses a 1000line encoder. Since you don’t use granite hardware i doubt you ll find your answers here.

You could check here but it is a dead project as far as i know , but just for the read of Step 6a and Step 6b , but other than that he used completely different components so you won’t get exact settings.

Or you could ask here

Good luck with your experiment !!!