Mmos Force feedback 2014

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I have a question regarding mmos 2014regarding tuning screen not visible.

My hardware configuration:
-ioni pro
sw20/small mige
firmware 1.6.1
-(other details)

Problems arise when:
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How it behaves:
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How I would expect it to behave:

I have attached following files:
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I also would like to share that (additional info).

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The box with the steering wheel and filter settings does not show up any more. I click on my mmos 2014 force feedback. Exe and nothing happens. Wheel still working, showing up in Granite just fine.

Thats exactly what I remember MMoS utility looks likes. If it starts like in your pictures, I don’t really understand what is missing?

It would be important to know if you had previously the MMOS firmware, or Simucube firmware installed. You can’t have both, and reinstalling the firmware is not required for new windows installs.

Thank you for your quick reply.
I restarted everything again and magically it is working again. The mmos 2014 window is back.
In Gravity it says Ioni Pro 1.6.1
Is this Simucube or Ioni?
I am now trying to get rf2 to recognize my osw.

Its impossible to say whether it is a IONICUBE&IONI or a Simucube with IONI without looking at pictures of the installation.

My paperwork says sw20 v2 power stage, Simucube, Ioni Pro.
Do I need to take the power supply box apart and take a look???
I’d like to upgrade to the Simucube wheel page that I see a lot of people with. I take it they upgrade to that from what I have?

Yes, upgrade to Simucube firmware is possible for that. If it says Simucube, then there is indeed a Simucube inside.

What exactly are the steps you suggest??
I really appreciate your help and advice.

I would suggest to take a look at this:

and note, that 0.11.2 should work the best for new installs.

But there are several technical steps that you must do to get this installed. Unfortunately, the time is right now quite limited to give “hands-on” support for installation, but let us know if you decide to proceed and run into any issues.

Thank you very much. You have been super helpful.
I will give it a shot and hope I don’t have any problems. Lol
I’ve done okay so far so hopefully I’ll figure it out by reading the instructions carefully.

Michael where do you live?
If you are in the USA I can help you with the upgrade.

Yes sir, I’m in the USA. In the state of Georgia to be specific.
I sure would appreciate your help. This all started when Microsoft did some updates that stopped my rfactor 2 from working which required a fresh install.
Thanks again.

I sent you a pm with contact info. :smile: