Missing damage tire effect in Rfactor2?

Have upgrade from Fanatec CSW 2.5 to simucube pro,using Rfactor 2.
The first thing I notice, simucube creates not brake locks effect from rfactor 2, meaning if I lock several times the front tires the wheel vibration of damaged tires are missing.
Another point if I drive over curbs or apart the track there are so weak hits or effects.
what is the reason for ?

Make sure you are using the Simucube 2 profile in game. If you’ve just reapplied the axis it is still using the values from the previous CSWv2.5 profile, which could be causing the issue.

I’ve had CSWv2 previously, and the FFB with SC 2 is just in another level. There is no rattling and oscillations (due to the much, much lower latency), the FFB is strong, precise and clean. If anything you’d need some damping and probably slew rate limit with rF2, when everything is setup correctly.

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ok I got it, what is the best balance between car specific ffb in Game (RF2) and overall strength ?

I have a SC2 Sport and use it with rF2 at ~12Nm (70%) power. In game usually start from ~35% FFB strength and balance it from there. Depending on the other parameters in TrueDrive you might need some in game smoothing 1%-4%. I personally prefer 0% smoothing in game, and control the harshness of the FFB through the TrueDrive damping and slew rate limit.

In TrueDrive I use 10% damping, 0.3Nm/s Slew Rate Limit, all the others at 0% or turned off, wheel rotation at 1080deg, the bandwidth is at unlimited, DI effects Damping, Friction and Spring at 0%, the others at 100%.

After some tests with a FFB meter showing some peaks, to avoid clipping, I tend to adjust the overall strength in TrueDrive to max 100% and adjust the desired strength with the car specific multiplier in RF2. (30-70%)
Di Effects only Damping has a active Dot, others have dashes, signalize in use of RF2 ?