Migrating from MMOS to SimCube F/W & Software


I have a OSW wheel system with Small Midge/10000 pr encoder driven by SimCube/Ioni Pro currently running MMOS.

I’ve been following the development threads for the Granite Simcube firmware and feel that the time is now right to take the plunge and gave it a go. I only run Assetto Corsa on my rig so have been holding back as Assetto Corsa is not listed as compatible in the user guide. However i posted on the Assetto Corsa forum and the guys told me that it does indeed work if this is the case then maybe its about time some one updated the list of compatible racing sims the simcube firmware supports.

I’ve read the Simcube installation instructions and watched the video on the wiki page :-


And i’m ok with everything detailed there … however the guide makes no mention of any settings that need to be set on the Ioni pro controller via the Granity software other than confirming that the SM Address Offset is 0.

Does this mean that i don’t need to change anything else in Granity ? - everything is working fine in MMOS.

I assume that the whole firmware install procedure detailed in the user guide is done with the PC connected to the normal SIMCUBE HID usb connector and there is no need to move the connection to the Ioni pro controller USB port ?

If this is the case how does the SimCube Software update the Ioni pro firmware ? … does it prompt the user to switch usb ports if a ioni firmware update is required or does the ST Micro controller have a direct link to be able to do it without switching usb ports ?

Sorry about asking so many questions … just want to be sure i fully understand everything before committing to the new firmware.

Many Thanks to all involved with the project, OSW Simcube wheel has been a real game changer on my rig even though i’m still running MMOS … looking forward to seeing what the system is fully capable of with the new software/firmware.


Yes, you do not have to change anything, if you don’t change hardware (such as motor or encoder) as well.

Notable exception is that if your IONI drive firmware is now older than 1100, then you might have too low FOV (overvoltage fault limit) setting, which will prevent the drive from working with current IONI firmwares.

Yes, the other connector is not needed.

SimuCUBE firmware communicates with the IONI drive using the same SimpleMotion bus that Granity uses (via the other USB) so it will automatically and silently update the IONI firmware to the version that comes bundled with the SimuCUBE firmware. No switching of USB ports required.