MiGE 130ST-M15015 Simucube

Hi, Just received my SimuCube an a MiGE130ST-M15015 Motor.
The motor is a 3 phase

Hello, congratulations :slight_smile:

Thanks for congratulations,
well I THINK I have got it to work, latest statement after installation was, " Simucube functioning, and ready to go.
I uploaded the bootloader.dfu in the DFU mode on X4 with DeFuse, and I eventually observed all the LED`s to briefly light up.
Then I flashed the the Firmware in FW mode (boot pin grounded) on X3, with Simucube Configuration tool.
Why do we have to upload the bootloader for the STM32F4x to the IONI ? (I have no insight to the PCB Routing) What is the second STM32 for on the Simucube board?
Thanks anyway,