Microcenter -> New US reseller

I just saw the facebook post that Microcenter is now a Simucube reseller in the US!

Microcenter is well known in the 2 or so areas that they operate stores in - I’ve shopped with them since the late 1980’s!

Microcenter is a great partner for Simucube - they have 25 locations, which means it’s cost effective for them to order a pallet at a time and then re-distribute it to their stores using existing shipping contracts - this is reflected in the price - the SC2Pro is just $1299 USD (In the US we also have to pay sales tax, which is added at the time of sale and varies by location- typically 6-10%)

Right now I just see the SC2 Pro there, but I look forward to seeing them have other products as well.

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I saw this although they might want to start stocking SQR as any new buyers wont be able to use their SC2/Gomez wheel combo without one.

Could you please provide a link to this? I searched Microcenter website and don’t see anything about it.

That would be great news for US customers!!

I have also been shopping at a local Microcenter since they first opened back in the late 80s. :slight_smile:
Absolutely the best guys to deal with for PC components. And as far as selling Simucube products I would think it would be Primo to buy the extended warranty! :slight_smile:

I would consider buying an SC2 Pro again if this is fact.

Hi Joe

I believe it won’t show up on the site unless you select a specific store location. Here’s Tustin, California as an example:

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Not sure why they called it a “Wheel Kick” but this is the quick release.
Search SQR to find it.

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Oh nice, I couldnt find it doing a search. The have a sim rig building page on MC website and it wasnt listed. Pretty convient to be able to drive to a local store to pick up a SQR.

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they mean that you need to kick the wheel to unstuck it from the qr, they’re not wrong.

MC is usually in store only purchases without shipping. Not a good deal for most US folks as even big cities don’t have MC stores. They have only one for a huge state like CA.
Also interesting that it’s the first retailer not affiliated with sim racing at all, guess having demo of the product on the floor or even basic problems troubleshooting is out of question.

Yes, I wish they had more locations, I’m fortunate to be 12 minutes from one.

That said, they have 25 locations, which is 22 more locations than we had in the US prior to this.

You are correct, they are not a sim racing specialty shop, but honestly, the other US resellers really weren’t either - None of the US sellers match the variety of a murry motorsports or gperformance when it comes to variety.

Given that it’s Microcenter’s first forray into carrying sim gear this expensive, it’s kinda neat that you can walk in and get a SC2 Pro, Heusinkveld Ultimate Plus’s and a Gomez wheel and go home and set it all up same day.

Also, Microcenter has a great return policy.

The combination of local accessibility, plus the less permanent nature of buying from a place that you can walk back into and return something if there’s a problem really lowers the barrier to entry in a significant way.

I spoke with a friend of mine about this yesterday and we both agreed we would have jumped on simucube much sooner if it was as easy as just going to the local store, and trying it risk free.

I think this is a nice step forward for Simucube in the US.

Thankfully, they are shipping these. I was able to get one shipped overnight for only $11.99. Quite a deal in all respects.

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Awesome! As a Loyal customer, I appreciate you helping keep them in business!
The last 20 years hasn’t been too easy for PC retailers (Frys, CompUSA, Tiger Direct, etc…)

I can comment on the the general situation:

The overall US reseller situation has been a challenge. It seems the small businesses are not willing to have the products shipped from us by sea to on pallet/container to them. This would have the following benefits:

  • Improving their own profits by paying much, much less for shipment
  • Improving the cost for end customer
  • Better certainty of the shipping cost (albeit,the sea shipping has now also increased quite a lot in recent months)

Downside is the initial investment required to purchase a suitable amount of products. However Microcenter was willing to do just that, which has improved the availability quite a lot for sim racers in US.

The same situation exists also for other overseas locations.


Hopefully it all works out.:wink:
Microcenter is a GREAT company for the consumer to deal with.
I have been dealing with them since they first opened a store in Virginia. I think it was 1989

Just curious:
Is the Warranty period for Simucube products still the same length of time for products sold by Microcenter?

Normally you can also buy an extended warranty from Microcenter. That is a wonderful thing. It is pretty much guaranteed replacement of product if you have an issue.

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Says on their website that it’s 2 years, I don’t know if it qualifies for the microcenter extended warranty, but I’m familiar with it and have used it on video cards in the past.

SC2 pro’s seem to be pretty solid units - Seems like you’d either get a working one, and not need the extended warranty, or you’d know within the 30 day return period if something was up with the unit, and then you’d just take it back.

@Mika Did they share their larger plans with you guys? I see they have Gomez wheels and HE Ultimate+, but no sprints, no CubeControl, and most notably No Tahko Wheel.

Curious if they are going to carry more products, including the Tahko.

I normally buy the extended warranty on most all computer parts. And I have been lucky a few times when a product failed it was no longer being manufactured and they gave me full credit of my original purchase for the newer model.

And as you know with the extended warranty you don’t have to worry about the 30 day period.
Only bummer will be extended warranty on a product that cost $1300 is going to be expensive.

Yeah that warranty has come in handy but it’s also been expensive - I can’t remember but I think when I used it in the past, I got my purchase price back, but not tax, and then I had to re-buy the warranty on the replacement item.

That said Microcenter is great, and I really want them to stay in business so sometimes I’ll get the warranty if there’s even a hint of a chance that I might need it.

The $1299 price is pretty AWESOME also! Of course you have to pay tax, but Virginia is only 5.3%
No more currency exchange to deal with. :slight_smile:

I really hope Granite Devices/ Simucube can keep Microcenter happy.

I also did not know that Microcenter is now stocking HE and the Gomez wheel. I think I will go sneak a peek at the Gomez.:flushed:

Can’t afford it right now, but have always wanted to see one. I hear they are really nice.

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You’re going to have to look at a box though, unless they have one on display