"Metallic" Resonance when going over curb / crash / off track

Was wondering if everyone else gets this resonance when crashing, or going over rough curbs in Assetto Corsa… It was common everywhere in iRacing until I ran a higher recon filter, it now only sounds when crashing or rumble strip. Whereas assetto corsa It happens whether or not I limit the Torque bandwidth or raise the recon filter when going over curbs or crashing.

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That’s normal, no issues. Higher recon filter is just clipping the sharp spikes, but anyway, the servo can and will replay those when not filtered from the signal. Noise is also dependent on your rig, the mounting, the rigidity of construction, etc…

These are industrial servo motors, after abusing them for 6 years, I have not yet lost any to wear and tear. So stop worrying, enjoy :slight_smile:


Hello i had the same sounds with the normal flat wheelplate from simlab on my P1X with this kind of motor mount. Now its gone (you can slightly hear it but its much better)because i have bought and installed the front mount system from simlab. Thats the best choice for mounting this kind if servo motors.
Best greetings Tobi