Merry Christmas and Happy New years everybody

Merry Christmas everybody!:blush:


Same to you and a happy new year :hatched_chick:

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I attach myself here as I missed my yearly xmas wishes mail this season…

I want to wish you all a good start into the new year! :firecracker::sparkler::four_leaf_clover::pig2:


Yes, (late) Christmas and Happy New Year from our side as well. We’ve been so busy with some exciting projects that will come to market in 2022.


Please give us a proper 280-290mm formula wheel with dual clutches, a bunch of rotaries and at least 1 funky switch :slight_smile:

I also wouldn’t say no to a “MotionCUBE”^^. If you won’t do it then maybe it’s finally time to dust off my IoniCUBE :joy:. The x2 and x4 platforms would be perfect for this…

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I will send you an x4 if you do it Bernhard. :wink:
I know Beano was planning the same thing a while back but he is programming challenged. :rofl:

It is officially 2022 in the USA now.
Happy New years Brothers!!!

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