Mapping Multiple Wheels to a Sim

I have an SC2 Pro coming in a couple weeks and a SimRacingMachines Fanatec Formula V2 rim converted to USB. I would like to add an Ascher “SC wireless” wheel to my collection. Most games do not allow you to map a given function (Brake Bias +/-, for example) to two separate devices.

As such, if I play a Formula car with the Formula Rim (fully mapped) and then take the rim off to play a GT car with the Ascher SC wireless GT rim, will I have to re-map all of my settings or is there something in the TrueDrive software that supports this natively?

I want to be able to just swap the rim and keep playing. Is this realistic?

Would I have to use Joy2Key and, if so, is that realistic given the advanced functions and toggles of these rims/button boxes?

There are joytokey and keypadder and such 3rd-party solutions that enable this.

Which particular sim are you playing?
Most come either with multiple binding support or multiple controller profiles, or both.

RRRE, AMS2 are primary going forward. Likely Dirt Rally 2.0 at some point and some legacy PCARS2 playing. Nothing in iRacing, AMS1, rFactor 1/2.

I see “xpadder” out there and already knew of JoyToKey. If I’m honest, I never had any luck making JoyToKey work.

Considering some of these rotary dials are stationary (always on 1 until you turn to 2, 3, etc) how would that even work?

Its simple, use Xpadder to abstract away from the button press, use something like ,1 as a mapping for BB+ and ,2 as BB- in sim. Then map using Xpadder the relevent buttons on each wheel to ,1 or ,2

I’m gonna try to run my current G27 plus this converted rim through the program and see if I can get it to work at all. I’ll try to report back.

Yeah, looks like this should work for me. Hopefully the dual stage clutches work.