Manually reset or erase firmware?

I have a 6 year old ioni pro drive that came with one of the early Simplicity direct drive kits. I have managed to partially install a “too new” firmware update and now the Granity software will no longer connect to the drive (or allow access to the drive control buttons) to change the firmware. Is there any way around this?

Is there a way to manually reset the device?


Is the device on a Simucube with the Simucube firmware, or is it on an Ionicube?

Ionicube -

How does the wiring look on this unit? There are no separate possibilities to update the firmware on IONI, other than Granity and connection via the Simplemotion port.

It one of the early implementations of the Ioni direct drive wheel. My computer motherboard died. When attempting to reinstall the Granity and MMOS software I could not get the system to perform correctly. I attempted to load a new driver than was not appropriate for the Ioni drive in my system and now I can no longer access the “install new firmware” buttons when load the drive on the Granity software. I think it is time for a new direct drive system…

You need to connect to the servo drive first. And, you might need the FTDI Virtual Com Port drivers manually installed from FTDI website.Only after connecting to the servo drive, you will get the install firmware button to be active.