Mach4 Granite Devices motion plugin open beta



i will try today again but the first at the first try i didn’t had any luck to spin the motors in mach 4 ! i have licensed mach 4 !


Hi Danrusu,
Please let us know how you make out.


Hi Guys, any updates? My big router has a dead drive. I could buy 1 DC drive and use the old motors and drives while upgrading to Mach4. If the plug-in works well, it might make financial sense to buy the drives and some motors. This way I would never have to replace motors in my lifetime.


We’re getting back on this with bug fixes. We have found few bugs our selves, but to get them all solved, we need your feedback.

So: everyone who has tried the Mach4 plugin, please share your experiences below (i.e. describe problems, error messages etc). Or if it worked just fine, let us know that too :slight_smile:


I hear a lot of silence from your testers. Hopefully it is just that they are spending time with their families over the holidays.
I am getting closer to working on the big router again and the cost savings of not having to buy a motion controller is very appealing!
If you want me to test your Mach4 plugin for you, send me 3 drives and I will jump right on working on the router!