Low torque a waste?

Hi guys. So I watched a video from Simracing garage in which Barry said that when using a DD base on low torque you are pretty much wasting potential. Is this true? I have a SC2 pro and use it mostly on 100% in True drive and 26% in ACC. I just don’t like high strength ffb. Especially on smaller rims.

To be honest, you can’t make a statement like that.
For me the advantage is that I have a very large dynamic range and I don’t use my DD at full power either.

Also, don’t forget the size of the steering wheel.
I can e.g. do not use a profile with my Ascher that is intended for 320mm steering wheels.
That would kill me. :joy:


Yeah I use a Momo mod30 now and gone from 26% to 40%. My former wheel was 270 mm and this one 320 mm. Strength “feels” the same.

I don’t think we lose effects with a reduced NM, I take the example of assetto corsa, I set the NM in TD on 60%, in the game menus I leave the gain on 100% and in track I set the FFB per car from 45 to 60 and I use 3 wheels, 2 of 35 cm and one of 33 cm, I find the FFB great like that, I turned the settings in all directions and for me I think my setting is top.

Because in AC there is the gain and the FFB for me its two settings do not retransmets the same thing, so I want to keep the gain to the maximum to have all the effects and the ffb by car to regulate its forces and effects.

I tend to agree that its not necessary to have (too) high forces, with time comes confidence

mm… some of the opinions / metaphors on some of the videos aren’t based on natural sciences, like the one I guess you’re referring that a wheel base has some sort of optimal torque area to function properly / linearly, at least if the wheel base is properly designed.

I’m referring to the IMMsource 10 nm video of SRG. Somewhere in the “driving” part he talks about it.

Well, when we talk about the 10nm wheelbase, this discussion takes a very different turn: :smiley:

AC offers a lot of settings: overall all gain, old gyro, new gyro, FFB tweaks and per car FFB, immersive stuff like track, abs, curbs… On top there is non official software like FFB clip with DD mode, tyre apps with arcade mode, sidekick, camberextravaganca ammo. Think is impossible to claim “I’m right/others wrong”. I use 100% in TD, but I have a Sport R2. I lower overall gain in AC. Others use full torque with a Pro R2 AND 100 overall but then make concessions somewhere else. We end up hating each other because of… what? We have the best hardware, everyone is enjoying it. I know that I am NOT the hero above all and think there is no such person. Would be interesting to test a car on a track with different settings without knowing who is the preset from. Just a Simucube 2, all with the same steering wheel. I maybe would be surprised how good settings are I always denied (although I doubt :grin::eyes::smoking::tumbler_glass::eyes:

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Why? You can go to low on both bases.

That is of course correct.
What I mean by that is that with a 10NM base it makes sense never to turn it lower, because you set this in iRacing, for example, how much NM you really want to have.
In addition, as far as I know, details on the track are then lost because the dynamics of the base are restricted.

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That was my understanding of what Barry was suggesting also. Is it fair to say then that we do not need to worry about losing linearity or optimal response from the SC2 servos regardless of where we set the strength in True Drive? That has been my assumption all along but it would be great to get confirmation of that.

Yes, it is fair to say.


For the past few weeks I’ve gone back to leaving the TD strength at 100% for my pro and lowering the game win to 30% and 100% the FFB per cars.
And there this morning I read the thread about the possibility of lowering the engine speed ains the static force, I had already tried this without really looking further, I will deepen its settings.

We still talk about AC, right?

Per car 20 to 30

Engine speed, you talk about slew rate limitation?
Static force reduction is different from slew rate limitation (obvious, because of the 2 settings, maybe stupid remark)

Yes we speak well of the same thing content manager, with the difference that does not use the FFBTWEAK or CLIP I know more, I keep the original FFB of the game.
I have for principle, that if in a game it is necessary to add an application external to the game to improve the ffb, it is that of origin the ffb of the game is very bad.

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In fact CM is also an external software added to the original game. Aswell the older gyro. These FFB settings are part of official CSP package, also kind of an external software

But why you use CM then? And FFB clip is a controller, and has nothing to with the quality of the FFB. It’s nothing but a torque tool, and not an FFB extension/tweaker/booster

I use CM for all the management of the game and CSP -SOL , I activate or deactivate some parameters that I don’t feel I need including the FFB clip, of course I set the ffb via CM since I don’t use assetto corsa anymore as a game launcher, and I activated the original gyroscope and not the one of CM that I find less good .