Loss of wireless connection

I have a Simucube 2 and 2 buttons box Ascher ( 16L-SC and M- SC L.) While driving, after a shock on a safety rail or a vibrator I lose the wireless connection. I have to close everything, rF2, Steam and True Drive.
SC2 since 30/10/2019 and Ascher 29/05/19 with a SC1 at that time.
The problem has been present since 2 weeks.
Mixer 49

Is it possible that the battery on the wheel is loose? But then it would need to be loose on both of the wheels. :thinking:

I thought the same thing, but I changed the battery on both button boxes and the problem remains

I plugged the Simucube 2 in USB 2.0 instead of 3.0 and everything works fine. It was always in 3.0…

This is not a solution, it starts again tonight…

Doesn’t anyone have a solution?
Should I throw away my SC2?

Do you loose the wireless connection only, or does the steering also freeze or does the wheel base restart? These are completely different types of faults and maybe we are loosing something in translation…

I lose the wireless connection and the wheel remains in the position at the time of contact. And I have to restart everything, Truedrive, rF2 and Steam.

Then it clearly is not a fault related to wireless things, but a USB connection issue or a power supply issue.