Loss of FFB SC1

User Problem:

While in a race in iRacing user loses FFB.

At this point the wheel will start to oscillate violently. If user lets go of the wheel it will turn to the left very hard into the bumpstop.

If user pushes in estop oscillation stops. When releasing estop wheel will start to oscillate again. If he holds onto the wheel he can steer the car, but the wheel is very sensitive and uncontrollable to drive.

If user cycles power on the control everything goes back to normal operation.


This usually only happens while in a race session on iRacing.

User says it has happened in a practice session, but only about 2% of the times that it has happened in a race.

I have set all USB devices on his PC not to turn off to save power. All HID devices are set to maximum power.

Due to this user having little knowledge of computers I have not been able to get any error codes from him. And since the problem is not a constant thing it has never happened while I am on the phone with him so I have not been able to log into his PC to try to see a fault code.

Any Ideas Guys?

User Hardware:

SC1 with


Meanwell SDR 480-48

Small Mige 5000ppr encoder