Loss of feedback and disconnection with a specific car (Subaru Levorg RF2) - SOLVED

Hello, when I use RF2’s BTTC Subaru Levorg as soon as I get on the curb the simucube loses force feedback and disconnects. I have simucube for 10 months, I have used various cars in RF2, it is the first time that it has this problem with a car. Other people who use the Subaru don’t have this problem. Someone else has had the same problem with any specific car? and how it can this be solved? Could it be that when I get on the curbs a peak signal arrives that causes the simucube to disconnect? I would not like it to be repeated in the future with other cars

Which software version are you running with?

Does it also happen if you reduce FFB level in True Drive?

Does it also happen if you downgrade to 2020.10?

Hello mika, thanks for your immediate interest, the problem was trivial, the cable of a psu was badly fixed, it was coming off, it was enough to fix it firmly. I hadn’t thought of such a problem because with all the other cars the SC2 worked, only with the Subaru it disconnected. I still don’t understand why it only happened with that car, by the way the problem is solved