Loose motor shaft?

Hi all,

My SC2 Pro arrived two days ago and I’ve noticed the shaft seems to move up and down ever so slightly, making a bit of a metallic sound when it does so. I assume this is not working as intended and I need to contact Demon Tweeks (where I purchased from) to get a replacement or something?

Or is there something I’ve done wrong and need to tighten up?

The noise is definitely not coming from my rig or anywhere else.

Videos here to try and show what’s happening, but unfortunately the quality isn’t really good enough to see the actual movement.

Video 1

Video 2

We are sorry that this has slipped through the quality controls. Please contact Demon Tweeks for replacement.


Thanks Mika, will do.

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Any solution ? i have the same problem with my 4 months Simucube pro? any DIY link how to fix the problem I’m living in California USA it’s any place the I can send the equipment to repair?

Please contact your reseller for analysis, repair or replacement.

the reseller Murray Motorsport responded exactly the same (“Sorry to see you’re having issues. You’ll need to get in contact with Granite Devices (Simucube) with this issue.
Chris Hennessy” so now I’m in a infinite loop nice

Ok. Please make an official support ticket to our support system. Link should be on our www.simucu.be website support page.