Looking to use Argon(s) for OpenSFX/SimFeedback motion sim project

I’m looking into using Argon drives to replace the “normally used” AASD drivers, in the Open SFX
(SimFeedback ) motion simulator project (https://opensfx.com/). Reason being that I can hear the 10khz whine caused (I think) by the servo driver, and to me, it’s very painful.

I would intend using the existing specified motors; which are AC220V 90ST M02430 (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32301640014.html).

I’m in New Zealand; so would be using 230/240v @ 50hz.

At present I believe the 10khz noise is related to the generation of 3 phase power for the motor (the servo driver itself is running from a home 240v single phase). I’d like to know if I should expect the Argon itself to be completely quiet given the above AC motor configuration.

I’ve been told by an existing OSW user (with an Argon) that it is quiet in his build; but it’s my understanding that an OSW is normally a DC motor (that’s from what I’ve been told, I havn’t researched it). So I assume just because an OSW is quiet, I can’t guarantee that AC motors will be. Hence, why I’m here :slight_smile:

Any comments as to what I might expect?