Looking for Biss-C Encoder and Cables

Hello everyone,

I am currently on the lookout for Biss-C encoders and cables. I have been searching and asking around for a while but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any online shops that sell them.

I would like to get a couple of them as spare parts, and I would appreciate it a lot if someone could point me in the right direction. If anyone knows of a supplier that still have these encoders and cables, please let me know!

Alternatively, if anyone has any Biss-C encoders and cables that they are willing to part with, please feel free to reach out to me!

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.

Best regards,

I have been looking for one forever they were backordered like the whole time I was trying to get one now they are simply impossible to find.

I think you can still order them from lisa. Why don’t you contact her. You ll find the contact info if you search the forum. But you ll need the adapter, but you can find the plans to 3d print it.

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Found her hotmail address I did open mine up and I would need the adapter plate as the 2 holes that some got lucky and had in their’s like Barry R is not present in mine. After reading a little more info folks have posted it sounds like if you have the sincos 2.1 ppr there is not a huge difference and that is what mine has so maybe not even worth it? Thanks for the reply

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If you indeed have the SinCos 2.1M encoder, a change on old SC1 to new Biss-C will not be worth it. I have been testing between 2.1 and over 4M and have seen no difference.

Save yourself the money and effort and stick to the ~2.1. I still have that on my one spare servo, it is a wonderful encoder.


Thanks Beano appreciate the insight. When I can afford it I really want a SC2 but man you add the peripherals and ouch already have a lot of money in the existing setup :neutral_face:

All good Mate. Yes, the SC2 is better in all respects, it is a polished product, more compact, better EMI management, etc. But even so, it is not that far ahead in pure performance, but as time goes on, with advances in filters, the gap will open more.

But, 9f you have a good SC1, with a decent resolution, just use that one until you have disposable income to fork out. The SC1 still is a very good DD wheel, and IMho, only bested by the SC2.

A good SC1 is pretty close to the Asetek, due to a very polished set of filters. The Granite Team truly extracted as much as they could from that SC1 platform, it is very mature. Not much will beat it in overall performance, tbh.