Looking for an e-stop button

since I need a new e-stop - and there is no way to find one on sale - I’d need to ask if somebody here upgraded to the premium torque off button and has a spare standard button to sell, the one that comes as stock when you get the sc2.
if so, please let me know, thanks.

Might be easier to buy one from electronics shop and re-wire the button. Unless the problem isn’t in the wires/connector.

As far as I know there’s nothing special with the button, but of course make sure yourself before buying 3rd part buttons.

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already tried with multiple stops but I suspect the problem is in the cable connector unfortunately…after every restart from stop I get error 140407 and the motor keeps on disconnecting, that’s why I am looking for a new one + cable

The cable is a ready made assembly that we also buy and cut in half for two buttons at the factory.



nice, thanks Mika, so I can buy one of these and rewire the stop?

yes, correct. I do not know if that cable is more cheaply available anywhere, though. The connectors are, but they require specific crimping tool.


Thanks for sharing that info. :wink:

Although maybe not probable, you should meter the connections on the wire/connector. Then it that works there might be problem on the base side. Just to eliminate you buying new connector that doesn’t work either.

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We have seen one or two cases where there has been an issue on the device side on the estop connector or the circuitry that affects it. And one case where the cable itself was bent too tightly at the back, causing it to break internally. So while it is unlikely that there would be fault in the device itself, it is certainly possible.

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Do you have a pin out diagram for the estop?

It is not publicly shared by us.

I just thought it would be easier for someone to confirm if they had a broken cable if they knew what pins were used. Then they could check the cable with a meter.