Looking for a Power Cable

i have 95% of all parts for a second SimuCUBE here, but i miss one clable, did anybody have one, to sell me, please?

I asked Lisa zhan, Tomo and in our company where we only have the cables together with motors.
It should not realy be easy, but i hope.

Thank you, Manuel

Do you want a cable same as in the picture?
I could sell you one, but I am in the USA shipping would be high.

Send Ollie@Simplicity, Carlos@ simracing coach or Augry a message maybe you can get one from them?

Or just buy a new set from Lisa.
If you buy a set be sure to let her know what encoder is on the motor. That way you will get the correct cable

Yes right, the same Cable, with the 4 Pins for Power on the first picture.
Sounds good, can you say, what it will be cost completely? I mean cable and shipping. (may be duty, but i don’t think so)
Not now, asking them.
Only Lisa, and she say to me, its not possible, its fiexed connected to the motor.
That Cable must be the same, i am with that at my main SC1 from 1000cpr to SinCos and then now to BISS-C. All fine.

Send me your address and I will try to find out shipping cost.
Do you want least expensive shipping or get it quickly?
Do you need the green connector also?

My Adresse are in Germany 74427 Fichtenberg
And, the green connector, i have.
And not quickly, i allready have my SC1 4 years, this project are this time, just for fun.

Hello Joe, have you any news for me, please?

I am sorry, i got one. Thank you!