Looking for a good FFB file for Rf1

I have been struggling to produce any decent feedback for this game. I have attempted settings from other games FFB files and the limited True drive profiles I have found, they all make the wheel heavy but there is no indication from the game that the tires are losing grip. This is across the board with all the different mods I have tried as well as original game content.

I recently reached out on the simucube and RF1 forum, but it appears to be a dead topic as no one has spoken on the thread for quite some times. Can anyone provide me a good FFB config file for RF1 and any truedrive settings you use?

I suspect that no one does, as I have not received any responses to this topic as well as my questions on the RF1 topic, but asking once again with high hopes. Does anyone have a good truedrive profile and ffb settings file for this game?

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Why don’t you consider to focus on a game that is, compared to “exotic” titles, relatively easy to setup, its FFB is widely acknowledged as good, offers a lot of additional apps, cars, skins Aso?
It would give you a stable base you can build on. At the moment I consider AC as the most user friendly and overall best title. Especially open wheelers from RSS and Sim Dream Development are great cars. A lot of them you can get for free.
This is a way to limit frustration, having doubts about the quality of your hardware based on wrong assumptions: the Simucube 2 is, imo practically never the source of problems, but outdated titles are. They come with 3d party solutions causing unexpected errors, FFB spikes and much more.

I know it doesn’t answer your question but ams1 is based in rf1 and it is really good.


I agree that I have really good FFB in AMS1 with the real feel plugin.

I still hope to find some good settings and FFB file for RF1 though. I know that it isn’t going to have crazy good FFB, but at the same time I have tons of mods for this game and would love to enjoy it with the simucube. I also understand it’s age and limitations, and maybe becuase of that I’m getting the best it can give, but I honestly feel no spin out, no loss of grip, nothing from this game. I would have thought there would be a little feedback on this.

While AMS is from 2016, Race factor is from 2005. I don’t know if it is really worth dealing with such old titles at all, but I would start with something more modern

rFactor’s original FFB, to my understanding, was very highly effects based mess, where as with the realfeel plugin, it removed the effects and started to use actual physics based torque signal. Am I right?

Would you be able to supply any insight of FFB settings you used? The only real feel plugin I found was on racedepartment that also used Leo something for the wheel also and it was terrible at the time of trying it. I tried only using the realfeel and couldn’t get anything worth while out of it. I also have most of the FFB effects off or down as well as anything other than low will just cause the wheel to reset to the left.

well I last raced rFactor1 way back in 2006 or something, and did use realfeel back then…