Logitech Trueforce Like Option for Simucube

Starting to see some good feedback from the new Logitech DD wheel with regards to Trueforce adding some liveliness to the Iracing FFB.

Just wanted to ask if anything similar is in the pipeline for Simucube? I see the endless discussions on the iracing FFB thread about the 60hz update rate and don’t see them changing that anytime soon, but I believe the truedrive grabs info from a different channel with a higher update rate, so better texture can be communicated through the wheel.


Is Trudrive not just the Logitech alternative version of the Force Reconstruction Filter in True Drive?

I would assume Trudrive is just a filter that interpolates the 60hz feed from iracing and makes extra hz in the wheel. How would it be any different to what the Simucube already does?

Surely iRacing is the failing factor here, and not Logitech or Simucube. They’re both just doing the best they can with the telemetry data available.

I think TrueForce is just an additional path for a simulator to give higher frequency addon vibrations to the wheel. From the game’s point of view, it can be either telemetry based (calculate vibrations from suspension and pass them on to the TrueForce) or audio signal based (get low frequency rumble from game generated audio signal on kerbs and pass them on to the wheel).

It could be useful - DD Wheel can replicate higher frequency vibrations than what is possible by just updating a force signal at a certain rate. But games already have DirectInput signaling for sine effects and such vibrations, so in that sense the TrueForce is just a marketing tool.

But I’m not downplaying it, something similar could be useful for our products but likely we would have to pay for its development AND for game developers to integrate it.

Yah that is why I specifically mentioned TrueForce, since it seems game developers have already implemented it. Just wanted to know if Granite could tap into that signal and offer us some additional effects at the wheel.

the API is proprietary, we would have to create our own API.