Logging help / improvements?

I had a one-off fault code a few days ago when the wheel went mad in rf2 following an accident in an offline single-player race where I immediately restarted from the grid - I suspect the wheel was between virtual bump stops and the issue wouldn’t have happened if I’d re-centred the wheel before restarting the race…

After resetting the e-stop, I had no FFB and eventually I switched to TD and briefly saw an error message which disappeared after following prompts to do further e-stop cycling.

Naturally, I was curious to find out what the error code was but didn’t get a chance to dig until a day or so later. I eventually found the ‘copy to clipboard’ log option but was disappointed that:
A) I couldn’t find anything obvious in terms of a fault event and
B) The logged events were not time-stamped which made it hard to tell if anything remained from the incident or whether the log was just for the current session…

Am I missing something - e.g. are events logged to disk somewhere? I would have expected to see more verbose/persistent logging somewhere…?

(TD online beta, by the way)

Fault events inside the device are not stored on disk anywhere.

Ah. Oh.

Ok, thanks @Mika.

Is there a reason why you don’t/can’t? Do you already catch it as part of the opt-in telemetry?

It would require to have True Drive running and downloading those events, which is really not good to do while using the same USB connection for FFB. We might change this in the future, though. Some errors and usage statistic are logged in the opt-in telemetry, and we look at trends from time to time. However the telemetry is not identifiable to certain device, only to device models, etc. No personally identifiable information is collected, even if you sent us you device’s serial number.