Live For Speed LFS + Project Cars 2 - Simucube 1 FFB Settings


We recently downloaded Live For Speed, I understand it’s an old game, but it’s still enjoyable and great fun with Simucube.

Our current force feedback settings are horrible, really stiff wheel with 0 feel of traction or rear of car sliding. Normally you can load the wheel mid corner and if the back tyre goes out you can feel the wheel go light, but have 0 change in feeling currently.

I use to play this on my Logitech g27/g920 and the feeling was really good, just poor strength.

We also have Project Cars 2

Would anyone here be able to share or suggest there complete Simucube 1 / Game Settings for the x2 games

One thing with Simucube we have always struggled is feel through the wheel,

I believe our settings are
63% strength = 7.5 amps
360 Degree steering range
Bump stop soft


Hi @Mika would you have any comments on this post of help suggestions



I do not play either of these titles, so I do not have good suggestions.

Out of curiosity (which we all know killed the cat):
Do you play/drive anything besides Iracing these days? Or have you in the past? And are you fast?
I’m sitting on balcony and the sun is shining. She already is gaining power, spring is on its way. Have a nice weekend, all of you!