Live For Speed and SimuCube

Anybody tried this title with their DD?

I’ve searched around and haven’t really been able to find any discussion about LFS and OSW/DD.

It has a really notchy feel, like constant ticking when turning.

It was the same with MMOS, basically had to use 23 filter. In SimuCube I’m using recon filter 10 but I"m still getting notchiness when turning. But I don’t think MMOS was perfect either.

I’ve tried a torque of 4700hz and 470hz.

Maybe the peaking and notch filter can fix this? But I"m no expert on these filters.

100% strength in simucube, only 12 ffb strength ingame.

SW20 20NM.

Actually have:
Center freq 2.5 Hz
Attenuation -2.5 dB
q Factor 0.1

edit: I’ve finally found a way to improve it. I lowered Simucube to 25% and put ingame to 48.
This makes the graininess more consistent, however it is smaller in strength, it unfortunately also makes the wheel lighter. (However maybe doubling ingame ffb for every halfing of simucube is not correct?)

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am racing LFS with my DD wheel and I’m facing the same problem. There are those ticks there. Already tried many things with filters and changing forces but the problem is still there.

I would also like to know whether ther is a solution for that.