List of racing simulators and games

Thanks! Glad I asked. I saw it in the list and assumed that meant it worked. Saves me from buying it.

Yeah, need to investigate why some of the older titles that clearly should work, are not working.

However, the above list is just for informational purposes of simulators that someone might want to drive with Simucube products. It is not a compatibility list.

Maybe a complete compatibility list would be prudent.

That would give potential buyers a definitive look at what their new Simucube is capable of playing

The new Motorsports game would be way awesome :grinning:

anyone ever tried GTA?

Hey mika!I Is that teknoparrot(arcade emulator) count as a game?The main reason i brought the sc2 is because I can play wangan midnight on a dd wheel so that my feeling is as closed as to the real arcade machine!Hope you guys will do some support on it!

Another WMMT player! The game feels amazing on SC2 indeed. I managed to fine tune the FFB to feel like the real cab and my times are very close to actual personal bests too.

I already listed WMMT5 in this thread, hopefully it gets added.

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My sc2 just arrive today, after some tweaks, the feel just so smoooooooth and good! Just like a real wmmt arcade machine! I am so glad i brought the dd wheel for wmmt, though some people might think it is overkill:)

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More info about that emulator and Wangam, please!

You can check the detail in here:

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Dont remember any racing arcade cabinet with a G27 or a CSW.
When I try to remember my arcade days, my memory takes me back to 1995 with NAMCO’s Ace Driver, the Ffb was somewhat overwhelming for me being 14-year-old, and the oscillations started from 20km / h, no other cabinet gave me that feeling of not being able to hold the car! great memories.

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Make sure you also download the FFB arcade plugin for WMMT (the latest teknoparrot should point you to the right place to download). Without the FFB plugin the game just feels off, not to mention you lose a lot of laptime because the FFB helps with steering correction.

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The Crew 2 would be lovely. Sometimes you just want to kick back and go driving on a nice big map :heart: :heart: :heart:

Talking about free roam, i miss to play Dakar’18 since my SC2 purchase.
Please take a look at Dakar game

SnowRunner support would be great!