Limited PI gain resolution

I am using IONI drives for establishing a velocity loop with a 22bits absolute encoder. After a quick tuning trial, I found that the motor would give the best performance with a P gain and I gain to set to be 6 and 4, respectively. However, I cannot further improve the gain values due to the integer nature of the PI gains.

I was wondering, perhaps there is a scaling factor I could use for a finer tuning for the gains and thus a tighter velocity loop?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi! That is known limitation and we’re actually thinking to make gain sensitivities to scale according to feedback device resolution in the next major FW upgrade (2.x, no ETA yet & won’t be very soon).

Meanwhile I could throw you a quick custom firmware that changes sensitivity of these gains.

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Thanks Tero! I will give you my email by message!

Good! I’ll take a look on this soon.