Lightning strike big issues!

Hi there,

So it happened few days ago and I am very sad!

My house has been hit by lightning strike.
The internet box died
My PC motherboard died and probably the Cpu. The power supply is OK as it runs know in a anew PC.
The PC was connected to the box by Lan wire. Other PCs were connected to an additional switch and they didn’t suffer.

So I replaced the PC and guess what? The simucube and Ascher button plate are not detected anymore while my pedals set and shifter are still working.

So here is the troubleshoot on my Mige1010 / simucube / ioni pro hc:

  • the PSU is working
  • the sync is working as I can see the wheel moving as before when I power on. And I can hear the sound in the motor after the sync.
  • when I start simucube nothing is detected
  • same on granite. I can’t connect to the drive

So I will appreciate what you think guys?

What should I do and which part should I replace?

Thank you.
Cyril who is crying :sob:

Try first with yet another pc or laptop. If no success, then the SimuCUBE board might have fried. There is protection diodes on it, so maybe it can be repaired.

Thanks Mika for the quick answer.

Well the PC is new and other USB devices are working well.
I will connect the simucube box to another PC but I am 100% sure that it won’t work (same for the ascher wheel!).

So what will the be the process. I send the simucube and ioni boards to Granite to repair? Do you think that ioni board is OK as the boot sequence runs as expected?


You should make an official support ticket for this.

Hi Cyril

I’m sorry to hear about the lightning!

Even though the IONI initializes the motor, with bad luck the communication circuitry might have taken some damage. Because of this, both ioni and simucube should be checked for damages.

To start the process, please fill in our RMA form here:

Of course, if you can test the ioni with another simucube or ionicube, that would also help in the diagnosis.

Kind regards,

Hi Esa,

Thank you to take care of my case.

I have bought the simucube at simracingbay so what should I enter in the order number fill of the rma?

Anyway, I have placed the rma request. Let me know the next steps.


Hi Cyril

I made the assumption that you bought the items directly from us.

Please contact simracingbay and let them know about this issue.

I’m sorry for the hassle.

Kind regards,