LFS and Simucube2

Hi all, I know it’s a pretty forgotten sim that nobody seems to care about these days, but still, has anyone at least tried to come up with some decent settings for good old Live for Speed?
would be very helpful to know even some baselines of the way ffb works on that title, if anyone had already tried it with Sc1 wheels before.

I tried it the other day just using some generic iracing profiel and it felt decent.

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I m no expert since i didn’t invest to this game in the end. But you can read these:


so basically you can benefit from installing the latest test patch

Scawen ,Developer wrote this (#13 on the first link):
Options - Controls screen:
Axes / FF tab:

FF Steps -> maximum
FF Rate -> maximum

If i remember correctly (maybe wrong though) FF rate is dependent to the fps , so maybe test both 50 and 100hz.

There is also another person with simucube 2 in their forum https://www.lfs.net/forum/post/1950860#post1950860 , you can ask there.


My settings are pretty plain and boring, I pretty much use nothing except for recon filter in most titles.
You only need like 2-3 recon after scawan implemented my feedback about force feedback steps/rate.

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The issue I’m having with this game, is I find a decent FFB setting to provide me feel through the wheel but when I hit a bump the force is too strong and if a car bumps me I better let go or it will break my hand. Any advice on fixing this?

Running 100 % on wheel but as low as 10 in the game with some filters.
FFB Steps 500, FFB rate 100hz