Large vibrations when steering is centre

Hi all,

I hope you can help me cause im getting a bit frustrated. This scenario only happens on ACC. When wheel is at centre (on straights or pits) large vibrations kick in, vibrations that are very tiring. Is this normal? I am using the default ACC true drive profile and 25% gain and 100% Dynamic damping in game. Model is a simucube 2 sport.

Please note : on other games it works perfectly.

In True Drive, try turning OFF DirectInput filter sliders, one at a time just to find the culprit.

Did not work, I wonder if it’s an ACC update that is doing this…

Very strange issue. Does it also happen with the “read only safe profile” in True Drive? Can you try that to rule out any profile setting that could cause this.

what min force value do you have ingame? and road effects?

I tried that and no there were no oscillations in the wheel when straight.

Min force is at 100% and road effects to 0%.

Minimum force should be 0% on direct drive wheels.

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My mistake, it’s at 0% however Dynamic damping is at 100%

I can replicate the issue if I have minimum force at 15% (the maximum it allows to set while driving). I suspect it will be much worse if I set it to 100% in main menu.

Oh, but I’m having the issue at 0% Minimum force and it oscillates like crazy if I take my a hand off the wheel and makes it impossible to adjust some car settings from the buttons on the steering wheel.

Try to find the profile parameter that makes this happen. I would start by disabling the ultra low latency mode.

I’m not an expert with DD wheels, I got it last month and I just run the profile provided by the True Drive software. Have you heard about this issue on ACC?

No, and I can only reproduce it with the wrong Minimum Force setting.

Ah I see, can I send you a video of the issue, to show you what’s happening exactly?

I had the same issue recently - strong vibrations on the straights (especially on Silverstone). Turns out it was caused by screws in the wheel-side SQR coming loose. I didn’t make them very tight during the initial setup, the manual said not to do that to avoid damaging the threads.

Check your SQR to see if the screws are tight. They may have come loose after a while.