Large MIGE, different encoder help (48T2-25-5MD-98-L-015-00)

hello all,

trying to get my first sim wheel set up and the encoder that came on my MIGE 130ST-M10015LB motor is a 48T2-25-5MD-98-L-015-00. I can find very little about this encoder online other than just places to buy it. Is there any hope of getting a DRC file for it to work with the Granity and Simucube configuration tools? Will I have to purchase another encoder to get this to work?

That is a quadrature 2500 PPR (10000 counts per revolution) incremental encoder. It can be connected to Simucube. Check wiring.

assuming it was wired correctly from the factory, do I start by using the DRC file from the more common 22bit BISS encoder?

No, you should get a DRC file for 2500 PPR encoder. Those are ancient but thats what was used in early OSW days.

so I downloaded the Simucube_130ST-M10010_2500PPR_reduced_current.drc file but now I am questioning which encoder is better if you say what I have is ancient. Would I be better off getting the what appears to be more common 22bit BISS encoder (JKD-4-22PF-G05BL-B-0.3M) for this motor?

Yes you would be better off getting the BISS C encoder. It is a huge upgrade.

Personally I would get every thing setup with what you have now. Then you can order the BISS C encoder later.
Then you will only have to make a few adjustments in the software. And you will be able to tell the benefits of the BISS C.
If you have never had a Direct drive wheel before even with the 2500ppr encoder you will see a huge difference!

does anyone have a lead on where to buy the JKD-4-22PF-G05BL-B-0.3M encoder? Yuheng Optics gave me a price of $73.80 but will not respond to emails asking how to pay for them.